Monday, June 13, 2005

Distrubing yet far from unnoticed

I am disturbed by the apathy of students recently graduating from high school and college. We are the generation that can change the world, the ones who will solve the problems plaguing the world society. With the baby boomers on the way out, it is up to the leaders of tomorrow to step up and take responsibility for the future. Instead, the apathetic youth prefer to drown the seemingly hopeless event horizon of adulthood in a purple haze of ambivalence.

Losing the guiding light of social change is only one problem. Social decay should qualify as a concern equal to that of anyone who ponders what is to come. Apathy breeds loathing and thoughts of worthlessness. The seeds of doubt germinate and sprout an entire generation of individuals willing to accept things the way they are regardless of how bad things get. We are caught in the downward spiral because we are socialized to be mediocre. With our idols pluming the depths of rampant stupidity with the likes of Johnny Knoxville and pulse with the somber self-hate of lost pain through the eyes of Kurt Cobain, it is no wonder we have been set-up to accept disappointment and attempt to find solace in the inner sanctum of the acceptance inherent in apathetic views on life.

We need to wake up and realize that the everyman that can make a difference. The revelation that it is the many that makes up the body politic. Without speaking of the abstract greater good, we need to realize that the only way to rectify our current situation is to break free of the shackles of self-doubt, embrace our civic duty, and make a stand for what we believe is right. Regardless of which side of the fence you fall, participation is the only way to ensure the proper operation of polity.

Continuing on this path leads us to a world were politics is controlled by the few, the once great American revolutionary spirit has become docile, and were we are easily led like indifferent, faceless automatons. Bleak as it may seem, things can change, but it will take the unity of American society to accomplish the task. Wake up generation X and Y, embrace your potential, change our nation and change the world.

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