Saturday, October 15, 2005

Proof That No Good Deed Goes Unpunished...

Wired News is running a story about a group of animal rights activists that is suing the proprieter of the Altamont Wind Farm because of the environmental hazards its poses to avian ecosystems. Everyone has seen the Altamont Wind Farm in a green energy commercial, usually through some cinematic footage flying over the turbines of the giant wind generators. While the wind farm is hearlded by many as the greatest experiment in green energy ever conducted, some of the animal friendly oppose the full operation of the farm because of its desparate impact on migritory birds whose flight path goes through the wind farm. The large blades of the generators are responsible for an increasing number of avian deats each year.

This is one of those stories you can't help but scofe at. Apparently the hippies don't have anyone else to annoy with frivolous lawsuits, so now they have taken aim at one another. Conversely, this could be the begining of seeing green energy as viable corporate production equal to, or supplanting, utilities dependent upon non-renewable resources. While I hope its the latter, what stands out in this story is the fact that like minds have now decided to sue one another. This situation also demonstrates that there are very few things modern man can do to preserve the environment without impacting mother nature in some other adverse way.

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