Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Proving the Aged Axiom...

The title link goes to an article about how an exhibit at the American Museum of Natural History almost wasn't because it couldn't get a corporate sponsor. Interestingly enough, corporations feared the negative press that could evolve from sponsoring the exhibit because it chronicled the work of the in/famous Charles Darwin. Apparently, business didn't want to rebuff possible customers by tacitly supporting evolution over other concepts of the origin of life like intelligent design.

Notwithstanding the subject matter of the exhibit, this news-byte demonstrates that refusing to do anything means you have still made a choice. In instances like this, that choice may not produce beneficial results, and assist in propagating misconceptions about empirical process which defines the sciences. Moreover, it demonstrates the devolution of capitalist ideology proving once more that the almighty dollar rules even the most rational of thought processes.

I am pleased to say that the exhibit was saved by a private charity. A big thanks to those who saved the day.

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