Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Educating Out Freedom of Speech

Education in America stands at the pinnacle of teaching the body politic that its rights remain supreme over the institution of government regardless of the circumstances. Legally, these protections don't extend to private education, but to what extent should we sacrifice permitting exercise of free speech regardless whether the speech is in good taste. The title link goes to a story about a dental student at Marquette University. Apparently, the student posted some personal opinions about a teacher on his blog that got him expelled from school for the remainder of the academic year. Regardless of the area of study, should we, as a society, condone permitting educational institutions to limit speech in the public sphere? Blogs have exploded around the globe as a vehicle for the exercise of free expression. Holding individuals responsible for their speech limits the effectiveness of the First Amendment. Chilling speech, in any way, works towards the break down of this most fundamental of civil rights. While there are limits on the protections provided by the First Amendment, any action limiting speech should fit well within the confines of unprotected speech.

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