Wednesday, December 14, 2005

More Compu-stupidity...

The title link goes to an MSNBC story detailing a new microchip that may find its way into computers in the near future. This particular chip holds information regarding the computer user's identity, and can be accessed from the web by websites to identify the computer user. To MSNBC's credit, they give the chip a fair review both to its benefits and detriments. Regardless of how easy it may make online commerce, I think this is a bad idea for one very important reason, identity theft is already a big enough problem, we don't need to provide phishers with anything that will make their illegal activity any easier. This chip will do just that. Imagine having a chip on your computer that contains enough personal information to identify you as the perpetrator of other cyber crimes. This is literally only your name, I.P. address, and possibly home state. A brilliant hacker would have an easy time copying this information from an unsuspecting visitor of his/her site and using the information as a mask to go hack someone else's computer, bring down the wrath of the RIAA/MPAA, or even shop with online credit if the information were sufficient to permit it. Congress need not get in the business of determining what technology the individual must have. We are better off making things slightly more complicated to prevent crime than making it easier for those who wish to exploit a person's privacy.

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