Saturday, May 27, 2006

Fingers Crossed...

Apparently, the Grey Area has been on a week long hiatus. Unfortunately, this was not of my own design. My two lame excuses consist of being busy with things (read moving and the start of bar review) and not having internet access (read I am waiting on hardware from the phone company even though I have been paying for the service for 4 days now). Anyway, my hope is to get what I need to be back on line in the next week, and then begin posting on a more regular basis for all of the regular readers out there (read HI MOM!!!--kidding, but really who reads stuff?). On to the point of this post.

Is it bad that I hope for resignation, but wish for impeachment? Does it same something fundamentally negative about the common view of our government when the President only has approval ratings of 33-37%. Clearly, we lack confidence in our leader as a nation. But what does it say about our government when it's members, our so-called leaders, have violated the Constitution? That is why some of the CNN news was so interesting today. The title link leads to a story from CNN about a spat between Congress and the President. Apparently, the FBI searched and collected materials from a Congressman's office, and the members of Congress are strongly urging its return. On the other side of the fence, high ranking members of the Department of Justice threatened to resign if the President returned whatever was taken. This all seems to be leading toward a showdown between the misguided and over zealous President, and a Congress seeing the President ebb farther and farther away from the controls of checks and balances. It's apparent that there is a breakdown in the system. This little impasse is a good example. The DOJ's policy should be different. A bunch of lawyers shouldn't be so keen to use a minor caveat in legislation to override the Constitution, something that legislation can't legally do anyway. The more obscene thought is that a threat of this nature from an appointed official may carry weight in the Oval Office. The only fathomable reason is because the President is worried about finding replacements, individuals who are "confirmable." Going further, someone who would enforce the questionable policy already in place. It's interesting that the new head of the CIA not only openly supports the NSA domestic surveillance program, but was one of the minds behind its creation. So, this is the state of the nation. Sounds like time for a vote of no confidence in our government.

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