Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Quick update, then back to bar review

Just a site note really quick, the webcam will be back in action just as soon as I figure out how to get my cam working with Linux. Any ideas? I thought this was interesting. I sat around thinking about the physics of it for a little while, only to realize that products like these are the reason I went to law school instead of engineering school.

Something else I can't figure out, why Congress can ask the right questions when they are the subject of government searches, but they can't defend the civil liberties of the rest of the country. It makes sense from one perspective, because now the President is meddling in their affairs. I fail to see why they would be similarly interested in the NSA program, it effectively violates their rights as individuals too. Honestly, they feel about the FBI searching their offices like I feel about the NSA having my telephone records. At least one world government has a good head on its shoulders. Finally, for those keeping tabs on the First Amendment, the Court issued an interesting split decision today. I will have a more thorough analysis once I get the chance to sit down and read the opinion.

Introducing, Stalk-a-Senator

Something else I can’t figure out, why anyone would want to spend $650 on an MS Office Suite when you can get OpenOffice.Org for free?

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