Monday, June 05, 2006

Quick update...

Big business and lobbying are never good bedfellows when consumer fairness is at issue. This circumstance is no different. This dangerous piece of legislation would make it so that every single iteration of copyrighted material would require a license in some form or another. Pay for a license when buying a CD. Change your store bought CD into MP3's for your iPod, pay for a license. Listen to digital music on internet radio, pay for a license. Buy songs on iTunes, pay for a license. Move your iTunes songs to your iPod, pay for a license. Burn an MP3 mix CD, pay for a license. Are you scared yet? I am. Call the House Representatives on the Courts and Intellectual property subcommittee, tell them how terrible this law would be for every music consumer.

Oh, if you were wondering, pirated CD's won't provide a police officer with probable cause to search a vehicle during a traffic stop, at least not in Virginia.

Why the national debt is just over $8 trillion dollars. ($8,368,457,541,743.99 to be exact)

For the guys over at Pirate Bay, the hits keep coming. In one perspective, it's a fight over culture and information.

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