Thursday, June 22, 2006

Beating the Same Corpse...

The New York Times is running a story detailing a new facet to the President's regime of illegal Domestic Spying. I have spoken on the point of how current counterterrorism measures are negatively effecting our liberty. This is just another example. While the article does state that the bulk of information did not include normal domestic transactions, it did seek out information that would otherwise have to be sought via search warrant procedures.

It's not startling anymore to hear that the President is violating basic Constitutional principles. However, absent this shock, it should still evoke rage in the populace. Simply put, the President's volitional violation of our civil liberties means that the terrorists have won. They have essentially destroyed the libertarian maxims that make our freedom a force to be revered. Terrorism has apparently stricken our government with so much fear that it no longer adheres to the doctrines that substantiate its existence. The net result is no more America, at least not how the framers envisioned it, and how the Constitution establishes it. The President is not above the law, most especially not the Constitution. However, it seems as though President Bush feels he is above the rules of engagement, UN treaties, and binding Congressional resolutions. It's too bad impeachment would just make things worse.

Edit: Just found a story on a banned blog list for employees of the New York state government based on anti-administrative political views. All of a sudden, state government is getting into the act of violating constitutional rights. Viewpoint discrimination, regardless of its context, is presumed unconstitutional. I am hoping for a lawsuit to resolve this one.

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