Tuesday, June 13, 2006

News Flash...

It's dangerous when the liberal media lie to secure their own interests. Really, they have an interest at stake because a restricted internet means more sales of hard copies.

It's also nice to know that the RIAA has litigated its consumer-base into submission. I am still a big fan sanctions against all of their lawyers for creating frivolous law suits, especially considering the net effect of the industry's stupidity. God forbid the RIAA and MPAA reap what they have sewn. This is proof that consumers ultimately vote with their wallets, and it works to your disadvantage to take that money from them with lawsuits. Maybe if they fixed their distribution model to fit something that consumers would be interested in being a part of none of this would be necessary.

Anyone keeping tabs on the NSA domestic spying program has heard of the major lawsuit being spear-headed by the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the ACLU. The White House tried to block these suits too. Thankfully, at least one federal judge knows where his pocket Constitution is at and found against the existence of any sort of exception to the warrant requirement for national security. (Not really a shock considering the decision in the Keith case) Regardless, I may start using Skype so the NSA can't listen to my phone calls. (Hi guys, I know you are reading, you are the only ones!) At least now we can finally have the argument about who is worse when it comes to spyingthe US government or Microsoft.

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