Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Much Needed Study Break...

This is a much needed study break, however, there are also some interesting things going on in the world. The top news story today involves a massive attack on the public transit system in New Delhi, India. Not too long ago, India was ravaged by several wars, and has been able to keep the peace with extremism. No one has claimed responsibility for the attack, but if it's anything like the World Trade Center, Spain's Commuter attack, or the London Bus Bombing, we will know in the next few days. It does seem to fit the profile though. Seven well placed and timed bombs, detonated during the busiest our of the day on the busiest transit system in the world. It is sad that so many nations have been victimized like this, and no effective policy has been designed to assist in preventing it. This can't be dealt with by one nation, and it takes an absurd kind of hubris to think that it can. Maybe now we will see a shift in tactics. Regardless, today's events evince that we are mired in world war centering not upon occupation of land, but based on ideology. This is the most dangerous kind of war because of the sacrifices people are willing to make. When a person justifies their existence through their ideology, the worst aspects of human nature surface. This is a good example of what civilized people need to avoid. The cool heads will prevail in this battle, and the character of our leaders will become evident as a result. We need to make sure that we elect leaders who won't jump to irrational decisions, and become closed-minded about perspectives on the world. We, as citizens need to be cognizant of what those leaders are doing and hold them to a higher standard, one that preserves our ideals as Americans, or as the free peoples of the world. Even in times of war, the government must protect our rights, and refrain from abusing its power, otherwise the principles it stands for mean nothing.

In other news, checks and balances may as yet be working, or is it concern for reelection. I guess we will wait and see if this changes back after November. Speaking of politics, The President is touting the reduction of the budget, and its subsequent effect on national debt. Even with all of this self-serving ignorance, we can't forget where the economy really is these days.

As an aside, Washington's new anti-online-gambling bill is an exercise in overbreadth, and demonstrates the need for effective and unambiguous legislation.

The humorous news round-up:

English hippies and basement-dwelling (don't hate me, used to be one) conspiracy theorists have too much time on their hands.

What a good lawyer can do for business.

I get a perverse giggle every time Tony Snow makes himself look stupid.

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