Monday, July 24, 2006

For post number 150, and finally breaking 1000 hits...

Just checking in one day before the bar exam with some comments on recent news that most of us should find rather abhorring.

Notwithstanding recent recent revelations by the guy in government I so love to hate, how about new claims that Marines accused of killing Iraqi civilians were under orders to kill all men of military age. I mean, the Romans used to do it, and look what happened to them. I am certainly not an expert on international relations or the necessities of waging war, but for some reason it strikes me as poor policy to arbitrarily murder innocent civilians when your enemy is an insurgent force driven by distaste for being controlled by a foreign government. All of a sudden its clear why we can't quell this little insurgency. If anyone out there supports this kind of moral turpitude, don't forget that the President acts our names as citizens of this Nation and there is no excuse for excess collateral damage of this magnitude. These are War Crimes, don't think hero worship or elected office should protect someone from adequate justice.

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