Wednesday, August 02, 2006

And We're Back...

Ok, so the Illinois Bar Exam is officially over. While I seemed to have survived superficially and mentally, my professional survival won't be determined until mid-October. I guess I can wait that long, though I don't know if I want my results back. Hopefully, this will mean more regular posts than I have been making over the past few weeks. To start, an update on what seems to be going on in the world.

Questions remain.

Loosing one person one vote...

A balance to paternal legislation.

The slow, grinding operation of systemically sanctioned freedom.

A perspective on signing statements.

Solutions to the Gasoline problem? Though probably not this.

Attacks on the Free Web, only supported by Corporate Zeal.

What is wrong with Americans?

Freedom also requires governmental responsibility.

Absurd, even if it's in a different country.


Not every label lives up to the BS it is used to support. Some need an education in rhetoric and hyperbole.

Have we thought, yet, that this might be a good idea?

Not a Surprise! Redux.

Michael Froomkin's interesting perspective on Presidential Signing Statements.

Now, don't take this seriously.

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