Thursday, August 10, 2006


I came across an interesting commentary this morning where Jacob G. Hornberger argues that it is American foreign policy which exposes us to terrorists threats. Superficially, the argument makes sense. The solution of full withdrawal he proposes seems a bit extreme. This is just one side of the argument, and part of the conjecture supporting why the US and its citizens are the targets of militant extremism. If this were the route to go, then the proper course would be something more efficient.

If anything the biggest problem with government, at any level, is how inefficient the system operates. The thought process seems less focused on the cost and benefits, with benefits being the overarching goal, and more focused on attributing power and spending money. Examples of this inefficiency runs from the absurd and stupid to the down-right idiotic. At the very least, Congress must read the bills it passes. It's clear that the family run oligarchy has become largely self -serving, working to avoid liability and culpability for their official acts, even when laws now on the books aim to create an efficient organization by creating official responsibility. Without a mechanism to impose responsibility, government can do what it wants. The end result is where we are at now, a government doing what it wants, with utter disregard for the consequences, and a national steadily reaching towards $8 and a half Trillion.

Interesting side note.

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