Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Sometimes Bill O'Reilly Makes Me Sick

The title link goes to a video of an interview about the recent NSA Decision. Who gave this guy this kind of voice? No, better yet, why is he so anti-American?? He seems to believe that the judge wants to kill Americans. The guest seems to think that "liberals" are communists, and that the ACLU is the most dangerous organization to this country.

OK, this is why I am so sick. First, the NSA program violates the law. The President is bound to follow FISA, and the NSA program is in direct contradiction to both FISA and the Fourth Amendment. What's worse, this idiot has the gall to be so ignorant about civil liberties. The ACLU represents the interests of all Americans by preventing the abuse of civil liberties by the government, something that the George Bush has done repeatedly since the start of this "War on Terror" nonsense, and Bill O'Reily continues to aid and abet by spreading this moronic ignorance to the entire FoxNews demographic. Since when has standing up for the rights guaranteed by the Constitution, the Supreme Law of the Land, make someone a leftist or an activist? The people who act in contravention of these rights aren't Conservative in the lexical meaning of the word. If anything, this brazen military-centric protectionist ideology is more Fascist in nature. So who's worse, someone who wants to keep this country free, or someone who wants to destroy the very foundation of our Free society?

Does the ACLU take on cases and represent people in situations that are sometimes repugnant to our common sense notions of socially permissible behavior? Sure, but these are the situations where the government is most likely to expand power at the expense of the Constitution's guarantee of liberty. Someone must push the boundaries to force the development of the law. The real danger are the knee-jerk, anti-liberty ideologues like O'Reilly and his guest who would rather take freedom away from the electorate.

Be wary of Neo-Conservativism, represented by the likes of O'Reilly and Rush Limbaugh. Politicians with their point of view pose a greater risk to what makes this country great then decisions aimed at protecting the rights given to us by the founding fathers. Any American against the exercise of rights provided by the Constitution is Un-American in the truest sense. They represent the antithesis of freedom.

Update: Bill Maher's Perspective.

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