Sunday, August 13, 2006


My last post noted how recent proposed legislation operates to protect government leaders from war crimes. While this type of legislation creates an absurd limit on the imposition of responsibility, recent events have not created a lens that focuses the new political motivations of the republican party, and, to some extent, the media.

It is hard to miss the effect of current events on the political minefield, especially with Presidential approval ratings being at an all time low. Think Progress explains just this point in a recent post (see also) discussing how the Vice President is using the terrorist plot foiled by the British last week to promote the political agenda of the republican party. Recent posturing has increased in the media as well. The recent Massachusetts primary is also being incorporated into the political spectrum.

All of this really seems like little more than contradiction from both sides. The neo-conservative republicans are using terrorism to their political advantage, which is no surprise. This kind of fear-mongering is precisely the tactic which operates at the core of the contradiction. Effectively, it works the odds. This post doesn't aim to denounce the threat of terrorism, or that it has become less than a part of our lives as Americans. Rather, this post points out the contradiction in the rhetoric of politics. This is the kind of idiocy that the American people should be more intelligent than to so simply take these words as fact.

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