Friday, August 18, 2006

A little late but...

Yesterday, a federal judge in Detroit, Michigan, struck a blow for civil liberties against the increasingly troublesome unitarian Presidential power. The opinion effectively puts a halt to the NSA domestic surveillance program, but its future is dubious. Regardless, this news rang clear among many in the blogosphere (, HowAppealing, ConcurringOpinions (An interesting First Amendment analysis), Balkinization, and The Law and Society Blog). I have yet to read the opinion (.pdf), but the strength of the reasoning has already come into question. Since this deals with an issue I am currently working on a paper for, I will provide my analysis once I get a chance to read the decision.

On a side note, I found this little political gem to be quite disturbing. One thing can be said for the knee-jerk reaction to terrorism, and the mentality of fear currently gripping America, is that it never fails to stir up the wrong kind of sentiment. One day, and now five years, appears to have dealt a blow to the Civil Rights movement.

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