Sunday, August 27, 2006

10 More Kinds of Stupidity

Some things in life make no logical sense, no matter how hard someone tries to make rational sense of the utter stupidity of a situation. Recently, it feels as though the effect of terrorism has had this effect on the entire world, or at least those who supposedly run it. The goal of terrorism is to change a social mindset. A small group with an agenda commits some terrible act of violence to gain the attention of a large social group that otherwise wouldn't care. This group changes the status quo of the large social group by making them fear what could happen next. A good example are the recent surge of stories of diverted air craft after someone notices what they think is a terrorist threat. This presents an interesting counter perspective on the previous story. It's interesting that all the recent acts of terrorism have done is to create more hassels for people who don't want them.

What's more interesting is that terrorism doesn't accomplish its goals, or its goals are misplaced. My impression of the extremist message is that the West must die, that the industrialized world has foisted an anti-culture perspective on an entire faith base, destroying what they believe by coercing their youth with global liberalism. What results is a battle of culture. Unfortunately, it's the battle of capitalist ideals and devote Islam. What it comes down to, they have something that business needs to operate. What they have is oil, and the world imposes it's will on people to get more of it. The extreme response is to wage war by killing hundreds or thousands to aid their cause. Interestingly, a more effective approach would be to change the policy of governments perpetrating this kind of evil on the observant Muslim society. Killing is not the answer because it accomplishes the wrong result. Countries tighten security, and do asinine things like hiring the uneducated to work as security guards. Most importantly, it doesn't change the policy buttressing action that nations like Iran and Syria, or groups like al Qaeda, so vehemently oppose. Changing policy should be the goal, not scaring people into submission.

Speaking of policy and the foreign arena, does it surprise anyone that the United States started the nuclear conflict with Iran? This shows how backwards long term American international policy truly is. It makes no sense that we would create this kind of international risk. The fact is, American foreign policy needs to be focused on the consequences.

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