Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Deja Vu?

Five to six years ago, the Executive branch went on a public relations blitz aimed at building support among its "core" supporters to permit the President plenary military power over prosecuting the "war on terror." Could history be repeating itself? If the inside sources close to Cheney are any indication, these fears may be realized. Even if Bush holds himself out as the decision maker, he will get a harsh reminder that the Congress plays a significant constitutional role in the march up to war. For the sake of fairness, Iranian leaders seem to think this is just shifting the blame for Iraq.

As citizens, should we let our President lead us into another fruitless war that will rage on without end tapping the limited resources of the United States both monetarily and militarily? Fundamentally, war is not the answer, especially considering that Iran is its own problems. Maybe what we really need is some good will on the part of Iranian citizens. After all, the last few days have shown us how diplomacy can yieldpositive results. In the alternative, we can continue to let the blind lead the blind.

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