Saturday, February 24, 2007

Top Worst Idea of 2007

It is official, we have found the top worst idea to fight terrorism for the year 2007, and possibly in the history of this misguided "war". Sky Harbor Airport became the first location where the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) implemented the use of x-ray security checkpoints. Like the nifty special effect in Total Recall, the back-scatter technology allows a viewer to see through the clothing of a person in the machine, effectively seeing them naked. If there isn't a reasonable expectation of privacy when one puts on his or her clothing, we might as all walk around naked. The absurdity of allowing this kind search, even for the sake of security boggles the mind. If people don't start feeling as though the actions taken by the government, then maybe, just maybe, this will shock the conscience enough to wake even the staunchest "security-minded" individual.

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