Saturday, March 10, 2007

The FBI and the Law...

If you haven't heard by now, the FBI has been using the Patriot act to bend, break, and ignore the law. Essentially, the FBI is using National Security Letters to obtain sensitive personal and private information on individuals subject to their investigations. When this impacts an American citizen, the FBI side-steps the warrant requirement.

Shocking though it may be, the real story is that this all occurs with the President's rubber stamp. What is most disturbing in this equation is the President's refusal to disclose information collected by the FBI because of administrative policy construing the existence of unitary power on the part of the executive. Mr. President, you are sorely mistaken. The Constitution provides the President with very limited power to wage war, subject to the restrictions set in place by Congress. Those of us who believe in the operation of the American Constitutional tradition request you cease disregarding your oath to uphold the Constitution and participate in this representative government instead of trying to take authoritarian control of what belongs to the people.

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