Friday, March 16, 2007

Quick Update...

I apologize for posts being few and far between but March has proven busy than expected. I am finally getting some time to myself lately, and will try to spend some time blogging here and there. Some personal updates before the usual politico-centric points of substance: I am finally working somewhat diligently on a novel with promise (I will post short sections here as they are finished), I have a working idea for a new academic article more as the research and ideas develop, I am still looking for a better job if anyone has an leads let me know. On to the substance.

It is nice to know that lying is a prerequisite for being the Attorney General.

Finally, a check, now maybe we can get some balance around here!

For all the Obama lovers out there, 10 things you didn't know about the Democratic Presidential hopeful.

I am still working on posts for a recent D.C. Circuit Court decision on the impact of the Military Commissions Act and habeas corpus. There is also an analysis of the NSA v. ACLU arguments at the 6th Circuit on the way as well. I know, promises promises.

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