Friday, September 16, 2005

From the "That Makes NO F@#$ing Sense" Department

I freely support the fact that anyone convicted of a crime and incarcerated for an extended period deserves the right to petition the courts for relief when they are allegedly being mistreated. While most of these cases are quickly dispatched by state motions to dismiss, some are just asinine. Apparently, the 6th Amendment now provides protection for porno in prison. Wait, it gets worse. The inmate petitioning to have the right to view pornography is serving a life term for a brutal rape followed by a triple homicide.

Though I am a consummate supporter of individual rights as written in the Constitution, prison still has to resemble punishment. I guess someone forgot that the impetus for much of the criminally deviant sexual offenders is pornography. Prison used to be a place you did not want to go. Now that the reformative criminal justice system has been denigrated to a weekend holding pen with all the comforts of home, literally, I think I am going to go rob the liquor store down the street to take an extended vacation.

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