Sunday, September 11, 2005

Only Slightly Better Off...

Apparently, we are loosing the battle with terrorism. A big wig at MI5, the British Intelligence Agency, stated that in order to prevent terrorist attacks it may be necessary to erode civil liberties. This sounds more like a willingness to sacrifice freedoms guaranteed by our societal construct. Ultimately, we loose the inherent values that make our type of society free. If that is the case, then the terrorists have one.

They win because they have managed to alter our society on a level that compromises the policies set in place by its founders to preserve our freedom. If you think that is not the case then you should read the Patriot Act again. Terrorism aims to destroy the things that make liberated society what it is. Relaxing restrictions on search and seizure or free speech mean that society has become less than what it should be, and we have forfeited the fundamental tenants of liberty. Ergo, the terrorists win.

As Americans, we need to assure that doesn't happen.

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