Sunday, September 04, 2005

So Much For Hacking...

Engadget is running a story about the release of the new blue-ray dvd systems. Apparently, the new players will let the manufacturer know when someone has hacked the machine. Essentially, whenever the player is doing something its not supposed to be doing, its been hacked.

There are a lot of different hackers in the world. Most are your basic tinerkers who are just out to modify existing store bought hardware to do something that fits their needs more, or take something and make it do something its not supposed to do. These are not the malicious hackers who spread viruses and hack mainframes to get at personal information. This is your average everyman who likes to play with technology.

Unfortunately, the technology industry is out to vilifiy every hacker. The purpose is to protect their intelectual property rights. Granted, ownership interests are important, but hacking in the normal sense means that they have to buy the technology first. The manufacturers make money, and the end user gets to have their fun. Why take it out on the guy who is just trying to make the technology better? Why not just sue him after he really has broken a patent or violated a copyright? Whats worse, an individual hacker won't destroy the international profit of the manufacturer.

The tech companies need to lay off. This behavior only serves to destroy inginuity inherent in our drive to create.

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