Friday, February 10, 2006

As If the World Wasn't Messed-up Enough Already

The title link goes to a post on WesaTurtle's blog that she linked from Monkeyfilter. Basically, it concerns a House Resolution to repeal the 22nd Amendment. Historically, the 22nd Amendment insured that we wouldn't be subjected to a majoritarian dictator. While the likelihood that this would affect President Bush is incredibly slim since the bill was introduced in 2005, and it takes 7 years or so with subsequent ratification by a strong majority of states, its still scary that there could be an end to term limits on presidents. This limit is in place to avoid this possibility. Next thing you know, the Governator will be our next President.

I am competing with my Mock Trial team in Champaign, Illinois this weekend. Things have been pretty hectic, but I will have updates with pictures (for that reader that continues to ask for less text) in the next couple of days once things are over, and everything settles down. I am up to present my case at 5pm tonight, so we will see how things go.

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