Wednesday, February 08, 2006

More Computer Trouble

I just got this computer back and now its been nailed with some combination of maleware and a virus. The symptoms are interesting. Initially, I thought my machine was having heating troubles. What I eventually discovered was the spontaneous restarts occurred while the machine was on line and doing some kind of virus scan. I am still working on a solution, hopefully it will be resolved soon. Any suggestions my readers have would be great.


Erik said...

Have you gotten that fixed yet?

The Donnybrook said...

yes i did, the computer problem was a hardware issue. As it ends up, the last time it came back from ibm it didn't have a heatsync on the processor. Since i didn't have time to let ibm mess with it for another week, i hunted down the local service tech. He replaced the processor, heatsyncs, and lcd. this means that every part except my harddrive and ram are brand new. the tech i took my machine too said that it was likely a bad fan that caused all the problems to begin with. thankfully the debacle is over, and i won't have to deal with it again any time soon.