Monday, February 13, 2006


So, we made it back from the competition without any major incident this weekend. Ends up the team I competed on placed 9th overall in the points. We actually tied the team that advanced as the 8th seat. This is better than we did last year. I don't mind, really, it was the most fun I have ever had doing it, and we did so well that round that I am more than pleased to have it be my last Mock Trial round ever. Now I have to focus on the stuff for my writing class, my seminar paper (more as the research goes), and my job search.

My computer problem is a hardware based, and this is a final diagnosis. Ends up after several diagnostics its a hardware issue, specifically a heat issue. I cracked the case to see if I could fix it by applying thermal compound. To my dismay, IBM did not put a heatsync on the processor, so there is no way to conduct heat to the fan, and cool the processor. It is going to a local service center Wednesday morning, hopefully it will get fixed after this whole problem. That remains to be seen. Going to try to get a new display too.

I am really looking forward to school being over, getting out of education, especially legal education. Only about 100 days, one big paper, a Moot Court competition, three smaller papers, and a job search until graduation. I literally can't wait.

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