Sunday, December 10, 2006

More Reasons to Hate the RIAA

By now most people have heard of the Recording Industry Association of America, or the RIAA. These are the guys that want to prevent music buyers from putting music from CDs on to their MP3 players. The infamous language of one executive quoted on this blog is that iPod owners are thieves. We can't forget their repeated malicious plan to sue their average American customers for downloading music. As if we needed more reasons to despise the RIAA, they have graciously provided two more. While they currently attempt to rob their customers, now they are trying to rob the musicians, too. In addition, in order to leave no stone unturned, the RIAA has used their tactic of filing frivolous lawsuits to target websites who post guitar sheet music on line. For the record, this is a great example of how big business can put itself out of existence by alienating their customers. Maybe those overpaid corporate execs will realise that cold hard economics will bury them when their customers vote with their wallets and go elsewhere.

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