Sunday, December 03, 2006

What We Really Needed...

The 9/11 Commission made many controversial recommendations regarding what the American Government needs to efficiently and effectively insure national security. One recommendation that should have raised very few, if any, eyebrows is the need for more Congressional oversight of the President's military and police power. The only reason why this suggestion is considered controversial is because it was made to a Republican Congress during a Republican Presidency. The midterm elections in November demonstrate that the American people want a new direction, one that would consider reigning in Presidential power to wage war and pursue those who perpetrated a terrible act of murder and war in this country over five years ago.

Unfortunately, the new Democratically led Congress considers Congressional oversight a controversial political maneuver. This will certainly not provide the kind of security the American people need, be it national, political, or personal. Clearly, a change in power will do little to change national policy, inexorably proving how inconsequential the voice of the people has become in American government.

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