Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Why Republo-fascists...

First, I apologize for being a day or so between posts. Work (yes, finally) has been rough the last couple of days. I am surprised the call has been so heavy in December of all months. More about that tomorrow. On to the point.

I made a comment the other day regarding Newt Gingrich's push to erode civil liberties to provide more protection, and dropped the term Republo-fascist. I feel this play on words is an adequate description of the current neo-conservative movement among members of the Republican Party. While some have already chosen to pass judgment on the President, this pundit wonders would rather focus more on the views of the leaders and what they are doing to the country now. Gingrich's comments represent one facet of this growing problem. The ideology of the Vice President represent another cause for concern. Centralized government power, especially under a leader like the United States President who retains a dominant military power, is particularly dangerous because consolidating power removes the checks and balances which serve to prevent the break down of the separate powers.

Another aspect of this neo-conservative movement operates to isolate minority religions and ideologies and use extraordinary rendition or torturous interrogation to aid in the prosecution of the government's enemies. Moreover, we can't forget the government's utter disregard for civil liberties under the auspice of national security.

The reality of the situation remains this steady slide away from the principles of liberty that formed the basis of this free union. In order to preserve freedom in this country, we need to stop the advancement of policies contra-positive to the purpose of the Constitution by strictly enforce the its terms. Moreover, we must remove proponents of this un-American ideology from places of influence because of the danger they pose to the sanctity of this union. The so-called culture war rages not between the liberal concept of freedom and the conservative concept of security, but between the conservative concept of preserving the status quo established by the founding fathers, and those liberals who wish to pervert and degrade ideals of freedom.

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