Monday, January 22, 2007

Dirty Politics...

It's nice to know that politics sinks to its lowest level when people have nothing to talk about or refuse to talk about the issues in a civil manner. Unfortunately, people waste a lot of time and energy on talking heads and news that mislead the masses. If there is one thing we should be worried about in this society, its the veracity of comments and statements made by politicians. I refer specifically to an incident I have raised on several occasions about the treatment of more respectable public officials by members of the mantic media employed by Fox News. While I not only refer to recent comments about Barack Obama, I also refer to Keith Ellison, the first Senator to follow Islam. Specifically about Barack Obama, lets consider the truth of the matter, and debunk a nasty myth while we are at it. Finally, just for the record, this is where one of the newer Presidential hopefuls stands on the issues (if the site comes back up from a digg assault).

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