Tuesday, January 23, 2007

"How Far We Have Come"


Minda - NTU, Singapore said...
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The Donnybrook said...

I am not typically one to delete a comment, espeically on a blog that rarely gets them. (How do I fix this?) However, the comment posted yere today was not a comment offering a substantive statement on the correstponding blog post. Instead, it was an advertisement for an empirical study on blogging and relationships. While I am not opposed to the proposed paper topic, this site never has, and never will, be a forum for advertising. Even in the event that The Grey Area moves to a dedicated server, the site will remain ad free. Ideally, the Grey Area serves as a forum for political discourse. As such, it should be unencumbered by revenue restrictions of any kind. I appologize to the poster, but if you would like me to plug a project, ask me and you may get a post not just some space in the comments. Thank you, from theDonnybrook, your all around disgruntled American.