Thursday, April 13, 2006

Catching up...

Been a busy week, so just some links to keep up with things.

The Grey Area in print covers an issue that is close to home, focusing on a situation evolving at Valpo Law.

Government hubris leading to abuse. The nerve of some government agents. I hope this guy wins his civil suit.

Why the Digital Media Copyright Act is evil!

The effect of Telecom mergers.

PayPal, the next way the Government will violate your privacy rights with a subpoena.

Getting closer to the total end of all individual consumer rights for digital media, the end of fair DVD use?

Another reason to hate digital rights management.

Hey, Telcos! Eat It!!

An update on that pesky Oklahoma law written by Microsoft, and the reason I would never move there.

How the Revolving Door works.

Modern business tactics: We are Apple, we make a third grader CRY!!!

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Marissa said...

Good commentary in The Forum on the administration/student divide. Concise, and very relatable. I too have wondered about that feeling of dissatisfaction with the school itself, while knowing full-well that I liked most of my classes, and downright loved many of them, and certainly don't feel cheated on an educational level. It was good to see someone else voicing a similar thought process without resorting to just saying, "Eh, must be the administration." Kudos!