Saturday, April 15, 2006

Providing More Substance for the End of Privacy...

Ok, so, my last column in the law school newspaper had some unintended consequences. First, it was actually read, or should I say, it got a reaction. Usually my work fails to inspire people in such a visual way. Second, I am setting up a meeting with the Dean to "discuss my concerns." I guess I should just go back to more fruitless writing. In doing so, we get the following result.

Most privacy-minded individuals and Fourth Amendment scholars worry about things like the NSA warrantless electronic surveillance program, but how about this for a scare. I was amazingly shocked to find out that legislation pending with support of the White House (no surprise there) that would require internet service providers to record the on-line activities of their users in order to track illegal activities. Ok, NSA spying is one thing, but legalizing such a clear violation of personal liberty? (Hi Big Brother. How are you?) Is this what we have come to as a society? I am trying to figure out exactly what the Government is so afraid of. It can't seriously be questionable literary purchases from Amazon, or the junk e-mail I receive peddling Viagra. While the law is proposed to battle on line distribution of Child Pornography, this just seems downright invasive. Like the domestic spying program, there are many who will tout this kind of legislation as necessary to assist the government in stopping the worst kinds of perverts, like they need the NSA program to help catch terrorists. What people don't realize is that so long as any search is legal, ANY evidence of wrongdoing may be used for prosecution of that wrongdoing. Sure, we want to stop the distribution and resulting abuses of child pornography, but the tools to aid this endeavor should NOT sacrifice our own liberties, and give the government a strangle-hold on our rights, on-line or otherwise!

A scary new form of private censorship. For some reason I can't keep my hand from my forehead...

Here is another reason why the RIAA is evil. Lets not forget they have a quota to make in order to continue to make $100 Million from suing the legally defenseless. I guess this would be a good reason to help fight the RIAA.

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