Friday, September 15, 2006

Controdictory Presidential Policy...

Terrorist Detainee Treatment:

The President is pushing a bill through Congress that, in the President's words, clarifies the ambiguity in Article III of the Geneva Convention. In reality, it condones torture in direct contravention of the Geneva Convention. It also questions the fundamental application of Due Process to a person labeled as a terrorist under the expansive language of the 14th Amendment. In reality, the bill would permit things like water-boarding, that is torture. The worst part is the idea that our definition of detainee treatment could be adopted by other countries, and subject our troops to this kind of torture. Food for thought.


The President wants an immigration policy that makes it easier for immigrants to come into the country. His perspective is that immigrants do the work that Americans won't do. The reality of is that immigrants do work that Americans don't do because they are willing to do it for a smaller wage. Americans won't do these jobs because they can't make a living doing it. The reason is that the federal minimum wage law sets the minimum wage well below the poverty line. If we were to have a living wage that would support a living wage, then Americans could do the jobs that immigrants currently do, and we wouldn't have a need for such a pervasive and expansive immigration policy that really serves to benefit big business and middle America.

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