Monday, September 25, 2006

Preemptivisms Nth Degree

The pragmatic doctrine of preemptivism is the concurrent theme of our President's foreign policy. The genesis of this doctrine came from a memo by John Yoo that explains how the President's power includes the ability to prosecute military actions to prevent attacks on American soil. This perspective evolved into the Vice President's concept that the war on terror has provided the President to act without certain proof of impending danger. Quite literally, if there is a one percent chance, then act.

Recently, the "conservative" media blitz has suggested the preemptive use of military force against Iran to put an end to speculation regarding the possibility that Iran could become a nuclear power. Now, it seems, preemptivism has a nuclear twist. The nuclear option against Iran is the best tactical bet to quickly defeat the Iranian military. Iran is stronger and has greater resources than Iraq. However, American forces have a tactical advantage by controlling Iran's bordering seas and having a strong military presence in Iraq.

The problem with this situation is the cost of the war both domestically and in the foreign political arena. This is the kind of military action that will put the world against us, an unprovoked military attack against a currently non-aggressive nation. Paul Craig Roberts is right to call this a crisis. The President needs to wake up from the delusion that his policies are beneficial to the American people. With only two years left in office, barring some cataclysmic event that would create a Bush dictatorship, the last thing the President should consider is a massive military assault on a powerful nation. The damage done could be more than any subsequent administration could amend. Mr. President, you think you are for the people, but this gadarene cadence towards clandestine military operations means decades of domestic and international political problems for the American people. For once, really think about the consequences of your actions, to a logical end, not the stagnated protectionist dogma your administrative propaganda machine has created.

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