Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Fear and Loathing in Washington...

I really don't like the ugly turn politics has taken in this country. Policy discussions, ideally, should take a very constructive approach to what is best for the American people and the libertarian ideals that founded this great nation. Looking at the news today, it's hard to tell.

First, the agents of the President, and President himself, continue to deny the importance of anything critical of their international policy. Second, the tyranny of the majority has taken an ethical spin against equality. Third, the powers that be continue making attempts to rewrite history. Fourth, science has no value in the face of politics.

Politics is no longer about doing what's right but about doing what will get more votes. The worst part is the American people who are actually paying attention don't care enough to change things. With all of this negative and pointless dog-wagging, it seems that the real danger to the American way of life is the American people, not terrorists.

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