Thursday, September 21, 2006

Dispicable Hubris

ABC is running a story that sets the stage for an interview of Bill O'Rielly by Barbara Walters on this weeks installment of 20/20. O'Rielly touts his new book, stating that he aims to confront the culture of war. In his words (from the article), it is a "war pitting traditional Americans — those who believe the United States is noble — against those who are secular progressives and believe the country is fundamentally flawed." This concept is preposterous for two reasons.

First, a person who finds fault with current government policy can still think this country is noble. Even though they believe that this is one of the greatest countries in the world, offering the greatest opportunities to its people, its current leadership is taking us in a direction away from the concepts of liberty that gave birth to this great nation. This kind of person is more of a patriot than someone who promotes the degradation of personal freedom. I also happen to think that much of what makes this country great is in danger because of O'Rielly's so-called traditionalist movement, which seems hellbent on taking that liberty away for a false sense of security.

Second, the traditionalist perspective is the furthest thing from traditional. A true conservative will tell you that the Federal Government has grown to an unmanageable size, one counterproductive to the benefits guaranteed to the American people. Moreover, the policy that O'Rielly and his followers abdicate is the core of traditionalist thought. The idea that the government should stay out of the peoples' lives is one of the fundamental tenants imbued in the Constitution through the Bill of Rights. It sounds like Mr. O'Rielly has his ideological wires crossed.

I think in large part that his irrational hubris drives his commentary. O'Rielly may be a warrior, but it certainly isn't for truth or a spin-free environment for constructive discourse.

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