Thursday, September 21, 2006


Today, the White House released a report that details the link between Saddam Husein and al Qaeda. However, this report is in direct conflict with a report released by the Senate committee on Intelligence. The Senate report debunks many of the myths regarding the supposed links between Iraq and September 11 the Bush administration used to bang the war drum for support on attacking Iraq. What is more interesting is that even after the release of the Senate report, the White House released its own "findings" that include all of the theorized connections used to justify the current military actions in the Middle East.

Clearly, someone is wrong, someone is lying. The question is who? While the information from the White House attempts to move away from stating a direct operational link between the two organizations, the fact remains the key players continue to assert the same rhetoric over and over again even after an in-depth CIA/FBI report renders that information inaccurate.

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