Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Democratic Effect...

It seems as though much of the movement behind bringing democracy to the middle east is targeted at the questionable practices of Islam, Sharia law, and the breeding of fundamentalists now termed terrorists. This concept, if tenable, fails miserably. The title link demonstrates this problem, and how democracy won't fix the "problem." However, Islam really isn't a problem, and points out the problem moreso with democracy than with the "questionable" aspects of Islam. Democracy is rule by the majority, if the majority wants Sharia law, that is how the government organizes its self. As a result, the goal of pacifying Muslim extremists fails. It also points out the ridiculous perspective of those proffering these policies. This perspective appears to be the "looks like us, acts like us" mentality that does not jell with the reality of the government-to-government formation of democracies, and the effect of majoritarian control. We take for granted the principles of our democracy, and it appears that the concept of evangelical democracy presupposes the existence of libertarian principles contained in the Bill of Rights. Realistically, outside of our constitutional microcosm, these notions of liberty do not necessarily exist. Its fair to say, then, that an Afghan democracy can, and should, establish its governmental structure. Therefore, the net democratic effect is essentially more of the same.

More interesting legal news: The Supreme Court handed down Georgia v. Randolph today. See also the Court's decision. There is also an interesting read over at detailing new laws in France regarding Macintosh and the Cult of Mac.

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