Wednesday, March 08, 2006

End of the Internet

The title link goes to a website that furthers the discussion on the possible impending change to the internet I reported on a few posts ago. The powers that be are serious about creating a multi-tiered internet which would not only cost more, but relegate its users back to the stone ages of information technology. Should we be worried? Probably, especially since most of the telecommunications power is once again aggregating in the hands of the few at AT&T. Pigeon-holing the internet is a bad idea, folks. Tell your congressperson, this needs to stop before it even starts.

Site update...

Once I get time again between work, work, school, and the MPRE, I will be futzing with the layout and color scheme (ideas welcome), and adding RSS (already have atom.xml from blogger, but willing to do RSS if anyone would rather have it) cause I am a geek and need something to keep me up at night.

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