Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Update on "Ebbing..."

The title link goes to a Guardian article where Sandra Day O'Connor explains the important role of the judiciary in keeping this country exactly what it was originally intended to be, and not slipping farther towards a totalitarian state. Say all you want about those crazy judges who "legislate from the bench." The truth is, Hamilton thought the judiciary was the least dangerous of the three branches of government. Federalist No. 78. I fully anticipate that this is the direction my seminar paper will go.

More on the political front: The New York Times is reporting that the President continues to press the Iraqi government to deal with its impending civil war on its own. Logically, this policy is problematic. Why would you leave a society split down sectarian lines to deal with its own sectarian civil war? This was bound to happen. Honestly, you remove a sectarian minority dictator who abused the sectarian majority, retribution was close at hand. Pulling out now will only make matters worse. Coalintion forces were initially viewed as occupiers, but this move may make it seem like we abandoned the Iraqi people. Its a loose-loose situation.

On the free information front: Interesting read, they had it coming.

Site news: At first I thought it was the Grey Area that was being slow. Apparently, its all of Blogger. This is providing me with even more reasons to find the Grey Area a dedicated home on the internet. With more hits, that is very likely to happen.

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