Thursday, March 23, 2006

Still Studying...

Ok, my midterm is in just over 12 hours, and I am still studying, on about 3 hours of sleep. So, to pass the time, check the following links out, and think really hard about the implications of each.

This is not an uncommon story. New York state even tried to ban open wifi networks. But fining someone for accessing an open network? Questionable at best. I wonder if this guy will challenge the fine.

This demonstrates that even the FCC chairman can be bought. Ok, really, does AT&T really need to limit bandwidth, we are getting screwed as it is right now. This bothers me because now we not only have to pay for access to the internet and for web hosting, but bandwidth as well. Its not like it really costs AT&T a small fortune to keep think the way they are. Sounds more like economic tyranny to me.

Site news: I am in the process of learning php, mysql, and css. What does that mean for this site? Not much at the moment except a new layout and color scheme in the near future, I can't do too much with php and mysql on Blogger, but who knows.

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