Thursday, March 02, 2006

DRM Nonsense...

This article pretty much says it all. DRM is bad. Better yet, file sharing is not illegal! These are just a few examples of the new turn against digital rights management (DRM) and the reasons behind why such a system should never exist. I have waxed on and on about this particular subject, but how often do we see situations like this, and all we can do is shake our heads in disgust at the greed and impudence displayed by major media these days. I vaguely remember a story from last year about how one defendant sued the RIAA under the racketeering and fraud statutes. I am guessing they dropped that case quickly. There is hope though, or so it seems. One situation demonstrates exactly how exaggerated these claims really are, and the kind of harm they cause to end users. What's more impressive is that those in the industry are not persuaded by the need to control information like the RIAA and MPAA. It seems like the producers are more than willing to bow to the economical juggernaut of the market to determine exactly how people want to consume information. Simply put, those with their heads in the right place on this issue are doing what they should be doing, watching the market, and seeing where things go. Oppressive approaches to intangible property rights won't help anyone. Especially if the RIAA thinks that ripping a CD is a violation of fair use.

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