Sunday, March 12, 2006

Ebbing Towards Totalitarianism

Much of what I write in these virtual confines is outlandish, or, at least, intended to arouse in the intellectual sense. Sometimes, my muse is something much simpler. The title link is a perfect example. In the trailer for the forthcoming film V for Vendetta (not a shameless plug, I swear I am not getting paid), the main character articulates an interesting concept, that "government should fear the people." While in the Hobbsean sense, this should be true, it should not extend to adverse action by the government against the people. In large part, the policies, and now laws, are targeted at keeping us, as citizens, quiet. We must know what our government is doing. Subject to the social contract, the government should be the agent of the people. The language of our founding documents makes this clear with its statement that the American government exists "by and for the people." We, as American citizens must demand better from our leaders, or hope that the system of checks and balances will prevent the perpetuation of this terrible injustice and violation of our fundamental right as a democratic people to obtain information that allows us to control OUR government.

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