Friday, January 06, 2006

Google Going the Evil Route

The title link goes to a post on the Muted Noise forums discusses how even Google is getting into the world of intellectual property ownership. Many of my musings lately have dealt with this topic largely because these policies are anti-consumer. There is also serious question about whether intellectual property would constitute a good in order to allow the uniform commercial code to protect the consumers who trade in any form of intellectual property. Software doesn't usually fall within the UCC, which leaves the consumer at the whim of big business. Imagine buying a car, but part of the deal is a little label under the sun visor that specifies how you, the owner, may use the vehicle, and how your miss use of your property could result in a lawsuit against you. To some extent, this is how DRM would work. The worst part is how this situation demonstrates the failure of the democratic process since big business also has the ear of politics who could make laws protecting the consumers. The problems don't end their either. The economic impact of anti-consumer practices rebuffs the source of trade. Why would a big business, who must pander to the consumer, take advantage of their life blood? While this won't likely destroy the music industry any time soon, it will stifle other areas of the tech industry by restricting who people use computers, MP3 players, and other digital media players. Google, who we would think would know better, appears to be heading this route. From the article, "bad google!"

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