Monday, January 30, 2006

Quelling the Revolution...

So there are some good people in the world that were at one point in positions of power. This seems to be what the story in the title link is getting at. It also, though, points out problems with the structure of political government. Like Clinton, Bush wants to surround himself with "Yes" men. Of course, why wouldn't the leader of the free world not want to be surrounded by people who will do his bidding without question. But doesn't this tell us something about the administration's willingness to disregard the founding principles of our nation? Shouldn't we be worried about the amount of power that the executive power has annexed in the name of national security? Rhetorically, we should say yes.

Also, I was quite amused at a "get together" here for Valpo Law students. Apparently, there is a party at one of the local bars for the State of the Union Address. Only law students.

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