Thursday, January 26, 2006

Political Obscurity...

Apparently, there has been a revelation that politicians use the internet, specifically blogs, to advance their agenda. C|Net News is running a story surveying which politicians have sites. For some reason this just doesn't seem like a new concept. Barack O'bama blogged his way through his entire campaign. I am glad to see legislators embrace the internet as a method of furthering their platforms. But, we have to ask, is this really a surprise? Anyone that frequents this site knows that I use my blog as a forum for my agenda (some times more than others). We still have to applaud this approach though. In this age of connectivity and apathetic yet technologically integrated youth, this medium may well be the way to connect to the next generation of voters. While legislators embrace one medium protected by the First Amendment, they violate the another.

A Texas politician has proposed a tax on violent video games. While it may provide an alternative to ever increasing property taxes, the legislation would also place an unnecessary content-based restriction on free speech. It just seems like this demonstrates how some of the members of Congress don't understand the Constitution, and its evolution through the federal common law. Maybe, those on line will have a positive effect on those who seem utterly confused. Just to put it into perspective, a video game tax could mean extra surcharges on your monthly MMORPG membership, or a 10% increase on the cost of the next installment of Metal Gear Solid. Ponder that one, check out some political blogs, and make an informed decision to prevent some taxes that inhibit First Amendment rights.

/Stepping off the soapbox.

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